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...dedicated to the continuing growth and development of Wilderness Road State Park.

Welcome to Friends of Wilderness Road

The Friends of Wilderness Road State Park is a non-profit organization of private citizens, businesses, civic groups and students, all of whom are dedicated to the continuing growth and development of Wilderness Road State Park. We provide assistance to the park and its staff by supplying funds, materials and labor for park projects, including development of park facilities, programs and special events. We seek funding from state and local government, and we accept contributions from foundations, businesses and individuals.

Upcoming Programs and Events

July 23: Tall Tree Tales

An outdoor comedy skit with a nature theme. Discover interesting facts about native wildlife through embellished stories presented by three very colorful characters; Bucky, Twig & Squirrel, who seem to have a rather close connection with their furry friends. This can’t miss outdoor event is for children of all ages, including those adults that are kids at heart. Prepare for an evening of unique stories, jokes and a ton of fun! Begins at 7 p.m. See promo poster below.

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August 6: Community Appreciation Day and Back to School Bash

In appreciation for the community's continued support, Wilderness Road State Park offers a full day of entertainment, including a Back-to-School bash with bounce houses, fire trucks, train rides, games and more! The day includes nature and historical activities, Karlan Mansion tours, a backyard BBQ contest and a free lunch. The event will also recognize the many volunteers who assist the park throughout the year. Admission is just $2 per vehicle.

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Sept 16,17,23 and 24: Candlelight Ghost Tour & Haunetd Dinner

You are invited to tour the hallowed grounds of Wilderness Road State Park. Visitors will experience a candlelit tour with chilling ghost stories based on actual historical events. Retrace the steps of lost souls on the Wilderness Road, visit Uncle Jack's barn and feel the hair on your neck raise in anticipation as you enter the Karlan Mansion for a haunted dinner experience you won't forget. Advanced tickets are required. Tickets are $10 per person.

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Introducing the Virginia Project
This is a fundraising program being conducted by the Friends of Wilderness Road State Park. Tickets are just $5 each, with the winners
to be announced at the Raid at Martin's Station in May 2017. If you would like to purchase tickets, send a check or money order
(made out to Friends of Wilderness Road), along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Friends of Wilderness Road State Park
8051 Wilderness Road
Ewing, VA  24248